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Application for refund of income tax in the case of acquisition or construction of housing for residential use under main interest loans or compensation agreed in the contract "Murabaha"


Concerned person

Required documents

• Statement on oath (AJ form P030), signed and certified;
• One or all the annual statements of overall income (income ADP010) years subject to refund application;
• Copy of the National Identity Card with the address of the property subject to refund;
• In case of discrepancy between the property address and the address stated on the National Identity Card , provide consumption invoices of water and electricity;
• Certificate of residence in annual address on the National Identity Card for taxpayers who do not have the electronic National Identity Card;
• Income certificate for public sector employees or income certificate approved by the taxation service for employees in the private sector or the certificate of pension (these certificates must cover the period subject to the refund application) ;
• Loan agreement, certificates of interest and amortization schedule;
• Contract "mourabaha", receipts for payment or debit advices and table showing, annually, the cost of purchase of the property and the price agreed in advance;
• Purchase agreement;
• Housing permit;
• Copy of the building permit (in the case of construction);
• Bank account identification



Place of submission

Reception and coordination office at the regional or district directorate of the tax domicile or main business place of the taxpayer

Place of issue

The above mentioned reception and coordination office

Processing time

6 months


Taxation service at the regional or district directorate at the tax domicile or main business place of the taxpayer

Sources of information (home department)

Administration of customs and indirect taxes - Directorate-general for taxation