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Browsing service-public website I-Administrative procedures II-Directory III-Search Engine

I-administrative procedures

« www.service-public.ma » has more than 600 administrative procedures accessible through three browsing methods:

  • Browsing according to topic: administrative procedures are organized according to a topic-related form
  • Browsing according to profile: resident Moroccans, Moroccan Community Abroad, Foreigners in Morocco, business
  • Browsing by means of the search engine

Accordingly, you can have access to the procedure "acquisition of family book" following these three ways:

  1. Through the home page, go directly to topic: Family/Family book/Acquisition of family book.
  2. Through the home page, go to profile: Resident Moroccans/family/family book
  3. Enter the procedure key board in the search engine on the home page.

The section "how to proceed if…"contains the most important life areas where you find a set of information which are complementary to administrative procedures

If, at one point, you cannot find available administrative information, view "for your questions" section.

The "Online Services" and "Forms" Sections are organized according to topics. Each topic records a set of external links directing towards online services and forms of various administrations. A selection from the two sections is displayed at the front on the home page


The "directory" section is made up of four directory types:

Administration directory: helps finding an administrative service or a public administration official by clicking on the name of the structure in question. The search engine might be used by typing the names of the structure or the official, or directly using the guided search form (type either of the following: the first and family names of the official,  the position they held, the name of the structure, the region, the city)

  • Public websites' directory: highlights online public websites.
  • Useful addresses' directory: displays the set of public administrations' contacts.
  • Public call centers ‘directory: provides online the list of  public structures with call centers.

III Search engine:

The engine does not take into account stress marks, capital letters, and cedillas. It systematically removes empty words such as : the(masculine, feminine, masculine plural),by, of, with..


If you look for a specific segment of words, put it between inverted commas:

  • "family book"
  •  "Limited-liability company"

The search engine gives access to all sections. The advanced search allows a search filter according to the sections on the drag-down menu.