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Legal Information

The use of this website implies having accepted implementing the following general conditions and respecting the set of rules provided for with regard to such communication pattern.

“www.service-public.ma” website offers information on administrative procedures and public on-line services. It is not guaranteed that such information is regularly complete and up to date .It is up to the user to seek other means to check their accuracy and completeness. Users can either contact us or competent administrations to get full information.

We maintain, at all times, the right to modify or edit the content of the website as well as such general conditions.


“www.service-public.ma” website is for personally informing users. Access and use of the website shall be in accordance with such “general conditions», which shall be later elaborated on. Users shall as well abide by rules provided for in this regard in Morocco.

Accessing and connecting to www.service-public.ma implies that users have fully accepted and without reservation all provisions of such general conditions.


The website along with its content are created in accordance with relevant rights applicable in Morocco in this regard. Though they are not accessible to other users, such general conditions are in compliance with Moroccan law and within the competence that is exclusively conferred by Moroccan courts. 


The Information and graphics displayed on the website are reserved copyrights. Any user who illegally uses, reproduces, or modifies either fully or partially texts and graphics without our official consent shall be subject to a lawsuit.

Information, ideas, concepts, know-how, and techniques suggested by users on the website are not considered confidential, therefore free of rights of use and dissemination without restriction. Users commit to provide accurate information without prejudice to the interests of the opposite party.


www.service-public.ma is available to users without having to reveal identity or any other personal information.

The required information is necessary to process requests. 
Registered information provided by users is protected in accordance with law # 09-08 on the protection of individuals during the processing of personal data.

All users who provide information shall fully consent to transferable rights relative to such information and shall authorize the ministry to make use of the said data.

Notwithstanding, users maintain the right to modify and delete their related data.
 The information provided by users shall not be considered confidential and shall be accurate, legal, and without prejudice to the interests of the opposite party.


The website supervisor makes all possible efforts to provide users with available and accurate information and tools, but he shall not be held accountable in case of error, unavailable information, or computer viruses on the website.

The information provided by the supervisor is meant for information purposes, and is not supposed to present users with a thorough and personal analysis. He shall not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and update of the information displayed on the website. Accordingly, users shall acknowledge their liability for using such information. 


Only www.service-public.ma users shall be liable for the website use. The editor shall by no means be held accountable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the website users, or for any decisions taken in relation to such information.


Public Sector Modernization Ministry commits to fulfill its full obligations towards the website unless a force majeure intervenes.